Clyde Engledow, Rose Engledow and Lewis Alva Elston/Engledow

Elston - Engledow!

The above photo are the children of William Carl Engledow and Carolyn "Carrie" Corder. My grandfather, Louis Alva Elston/Engledow is the youngest of the three Engledow children. From left to right, Edward Clyde, Rosella "Rose", and Louis Engledow.

My grandfather goes by the surname Elston and the reason for this is that his mother died in March 1880 when he was six months old. He was subsequently adopted by family friends, Prescott and Martha Elston.

A story that is passed down is that sometime in the 1940's both Edward Clyde and Louis Alva were contacted by the Engledow Estate in England and were apparently the heirs. Being that they did not have the money to pursue this they signed over the estate through an attorney to the next Engledow in line.

William Carl's father was Samuel Engledow born in Greene County, Tennessee and died in Evansville, Indiana. The name passed down as to who Samuel's father is that it was Hiram Engledow. While I have no proof of this, circumstantial information shows that they were at least in some way related by their close proximity in early census records and the fact that they married sisters.