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Died 9-22-1894 Bean Blossom Township, Monroe County, Indiana (Book H-13, page 32)


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Brother to David (married Elizabeth Stines) and Barbara (married to Jacob


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8/01 Per Sharon Inskip notes....birth records are in an old German Bible published in 1755 at Nuremburg. The last account of the Bible was that it was in the family of the late Charles and Elizabeth"Liza" (Parks) Franzman. Just when Johan Friederich and Maria (Merckeln) Stein/Stines came to America is not definitely known. They first settled in either Berks or Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. While living in Pennsylvania, Daniel, John, Jacob and Henry were born to Johan Friederich and Maria Stine. the family then moved to Catawaba County, in the western part of North Carolina. Later, three of the brothers, John, Jacob and Henry with their families moved to Kentucky. After staying a short time they moved to Bean Blossom Township in Monroe County, Indiana. At the same time there were also the families of Vint, shook Heilman/Hileman and Gross. Daniel Steins with his family remained in North Carolina. Many descendants of Daniel Steins are now living in and around Conover. In 1788 Johan Frederick Stine purchased two parcels of land from Barnet Stayway in the area of Jacobs Fork, Henry Fork and Clarks Creek area of modern day Catawaba County, NC (Old Lincoln County, NC). This is just NW of Lincolnton, NC.


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According to Steps of Time, by Oscar M. Miller -
..."John Stines, the oldest brother married Katherine. They had eleven children. I am mentioning only two. Sarah "Sallie" Stines and Peter Stines. Madison Wayne Mayse married Sarah Stines. They had twelve children, but I am mentioning only two, John Rufus Mayse, and Peter Mayse. John Rufus married Mary Pollyana Vint. They were the grandparents of Andrew Vilet. Peter Mayse married Effariller Carr. They had three children. Billie Mayse, a bachelor, Emma de Mel Mayse. They married brothers Emmit and Ben Hawkins."

The Rev. John Godfrey Arndt confirmed John Stine in November 1792 at the South Fork Church (St. Pauls Church or the Deutch Meeting House). 1840 Monroe County, Indiana census page 244. 1850 Monroe County, Indiana census page 256.

Information on John Stine family was taken from Deal-Stafford Genealogical History


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See 1840 Monroe County, Indiana census page 246; 1850 Monroe County, Indiana census, page 255.

Henry and Elizabeth built a two-story log house on the Stinesville-Ellettsville road where it is intersected by the road leading to the site of the J. Hoadley and Sons Company old quarry. Just north where the house stood is an old cemetery covered with weeds and brambles. It had been the burying ground for some early pioneers, but Henry & Elizabeth are buried in the Old Dutch Cemetery.


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March 1999--Mom (Virginia Dezell) said that her grandmother (Fannie Elliott Arrasmith) said that her great-great grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian from Missouri.

Cousin Leroy Arrasmith (father was Robert who lived in Rolling Meadows, Illionis) said that is why high cheekbones run in the family.


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Both buried in Colburn-Leola Cemetery, Adams County, Wisconsin

Confirmation received 1896 at Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church, Waukesha, Wisconsin (page 208).


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Never married, was 86, died of cancer.

Confirmation received 3-31-19__ at Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church, Waukesha,
Wisconsin (page 216).


Two different birth dates, one Dec 8, 1885/1887, the other June 26, 1887


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Never married. 60 years old, died of cancer. Death certificate, volume
23, page 373, Clark County


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RESEARCH - Need proof of parentage of Rev. William Anderson Arrasmith

Fact 1. Death certificate states fathers name as William A. Arrowsmith (note spelling), born in Kentucky, mothers name unknown birthplace Kentucky, birth year 1840. Informant - was Joseph Arrasmith, son. 1910 Census also confirms both parents born Kentucky.

Fact 2. In Arrasmith book by Jessie Day, page 78, it shows a William A. Arrasmith who married Kezzia Hussung, 1-1-1861, as a child of Thomas and Charity Arrasmith. However, it states after William's name (may not be member this family). (Same note in Maurine Krohne's file) Due to the lack of evidence of William's parentage I have him listed as son in Thomas household, but have relationship listed as "unknown".

Also, William's middle name, Anderson, sounds like it might be either his fathers middle name or his mothers maiden name. Perhaps his mother died young and he was named after her family or even just took that as his middle name.

Looked for a link to the William Arrowsmith/Mary Jeroleman family of the Somerset, NJ line but once I found Williams birth date to be 1840 that makes this link unlikely.

Also, Ohio Arrasmith family had a William who was 16 in the 1850 "appears" the same child is listed in the 1860 census in the same household at age 26..but different name (not William)?

Have tried to make a connection with the Ky William Arrowsmith and his three marriages to the Longnecker sisters, but have been unsuccessful.
Rev. Arrasmith was 6'5" tall and mom stated that all of his sons were over 6' tall also (see photograph).

Birth family record copied from the Cardwell bible, states William A. Arrasmith, was born in Gallatin County, Kentucky on "Sugar Creek".
************************************************************************** *******
The following letter gives testament to the great man that my g-g grandfather was.

Last Will and Testament of my (Sandra Ward's) great-great grandfather, William A. Arrasmith, an ordained Baptist minister.

"My last words concerning my dear wife" January 9, 1915

We were married the first day of January 1861 on her birthday. We lived together 53 years, 4 months, and 23 days. She was one of the best wives and mothers the Lord ever gave to any man. She loved her children and her husband and preferred to stay at home and take care of them until her children were all men and women. She taught them daily to trust and obey the Lord and never failed to pray for them for she knew the Lord heard and answered her prayers. The Great Rebellion broke out the same year we was married. She prayed the Lord to save me from the war that I might stay with her and though I was enrolled for the draft three times and was drafted for it, I drew clear three times and the Lord kept us together as she prayed. She was a conscientious Christian. She always had good neighbors because she was a good neighbor herself to all who was decent and truthful. Unworthy tattlers and gossiping women she had no time for but prayed for them for she pitied them as lost souls. During our years together she never once told me an untruth. And I know that when the few days that I may live here is over, we will have a sweet reunion in that home the Lord said he was going to prepare for them that love him. Glory to God may the time soon come when we will meet again. When my dear children get despondent and sin may the Lord impress them to read this last testament of their Loving Father who is left for a few days to pray for them. Also that they would love each other and obey the Lord and pray for each other that we may meet them on the shore of sweet deliverance where we will know each other better and never to part again.

William A. Arrasmith
************************************************************************** *******
Letter my great-great grandfather wrote to my great-grandmother before he died because she was so distraught over his illness and impending death.

"For Fanie"

"To Remember Her Pa"

Dear Daughter, this episode is for you. Try to be patient and consider Christ's patience - what sorrow did he undergo and with what patience did he suffer them. Patient when Judas unworthily betrayed him with a kiss; patient when caraphas despitefully used him; patient when hurried from one place to another, patient when Herod with his men of war set him at naught, patient when Pilate so unrighteously condemned him, patient when scourged and crowned with thorns, patient when his crown was lade upon him - when he was reviled, reproached, scoffed at and every way abused. Lord grant us patience after this, His Example, to bear thy hold will in all things.
March 1999 My mother (Virginia Dezell), said her grandmother (Fannie Elliott Arrasmith Cardwell) said William was a "circuit-riding" Baptist minister who traveled to the different towns and performed marriages and baptisms.

Found information that William Arrasmith was pastor of the Bullitt Lick Baptist Church in Virginia between the years 1879-1881 and a newspaper article