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A newspaper clipping given by Mrs. Carl Miller (Velma Arasmith)

"Mrs. Bisland's Injuries Fatal - Golden Resident Not Instantly Killed, as was reported at First"

Mrs. Edith Merle Bisland, who was reported Saturday night to have been killed in the automobile accident in which her mother and her father, John Wesley Arasmith, Golden editor and high school principal, lost their lives,did not die until yesterday morning. Then she succumbed to a fractured skull, sustained when she was thrown out of the machine after it had been struck by a Union Pacific eastbound mail train near Cozad, Nebraska according to a message received here yesterday by Mayor Richard
Broad of Golden, who left Saturday to bring back the bodies.

The daughter, 24 years old, a bride and widow within the last year, was rushed to North Platte, Nebraska, immediately after the accident. Throughout the night every effort was exerted to save her life, but she died without regaining consciousness, one hour after Mayor Broad reached North Platte yesterday morning. The bodies of her parents were removed to Lexington, fifteen miles from the scene of the tragedy.

Arrangements were made by Mayor Broad to have all three bodies shipped to Golden. They will get there today.

Mrs. Bisland Only Child.

Mrs. Bisland was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Arasmith. Last May, John B. Bisland her husband, was electrocuted while repairing a transformer at the top of a electric power pole at Nederland. They had
been married less than a year.

The Arasmith's left Golden Friday morning in their touring car to visit Mrs. Arasmith's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Farley, at Fairfield, Nebraska. The automobile was proceeding eastward on the Lincoln highway, which runs close by and parallels the Union Pacific tracks. workmen had been repairing the highway west of Cozad and the Arasmith party decided to cross the track and follow the old road until the repair district had been passed. Having passed the repair district, they started to recross the track to the new road, when the train bore down upon them.
Automobile was Wrecked.

Details of the tragedy are not known here other than all three occupants were hurled in the air. The automobile was utterly wrecked and several of the heavy oak bars of the cowcatcher were splintered.

The first news of the accident came to J. J. Bryan, cashier of the Woods Ruby bank at Golden. Mr. Bryan was a personal friend of the Arasmith's and their daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Arasmith went to Golden thirty years ago and their daughter was born and reared there. He was 53 years old and his wife 47. For several years he was county superintendent of schools and for fifteen years had been principal of the North Golden High School. Ten years ago he purchased the Golden Globe and became its editor. He was prominent in Republican circles and belonged to the Odd fellows and Masons. Mrs. Effie Arasmith and her daughter moved in club circles and had many friends.

Surviving Mr. Arasmith is a brother, A. W. Arasmith of Jewel, Kansas.


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Death certificate, Boulder county, Colorado, the Victor Tungsten Mining Company, registration district 13 for JOHN BROWN BISLAND, born April 17, 1889, died age 27 years, 1 month 3 days, occupation Mine Super intendant, born Louisiana. Name of father Bisland; fathers birthplace not known; maiden name and birthplace of mother not known. Informant: J W. Arasmith of Golden Colorado, date of death, May 20, 1916 at 11:00 A.M.; electrocuted by live wire containing 12,400 volt. Length of residence one month; former or usual residence, Golden, Colorado; buried Golden, Colorado, May 22, 1916 by A. E. Howe, undertaker of Golden Colorado.


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Think that Edgar Norman and Sherman Edgar are one and the same, there is an Edgar listed in 1870 Iowa Census, Madison County, as 2 which would have put his birth date as 1868 which corresponds with Sherman Edgar's 4-1868 birth date - maybe twins?


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Died in infancy


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Died in infancy


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Jessie was still alive in 1981 and was 91 years old.


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Lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1981