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Grandma Ruth stated in a letter to me, that "Aunt Lena" was a sister to
George's father, Louis Dresdow.

Confirmation received 3-26-189__ at Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church,
Waukesha, Wisconsin (page 213).


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April 2000--Mom said he would play cute jokes on the kids and they all loved him. She said he was a big tease.

September 2001--Nickname "Poppy" comes from Dennis Maxwell gedcom file and all of the cousins we met at the Lehman family reunion in Indiana.

Names of Everet's children identified by son Kenneth's daughter, Sally Ann (Lehman) Reynolds,
"Kenneth is far left, next is Blanche (Jackson), Ralph, Norma (Harris), Dorothy (?), Beatrice (Overstreet), Audrey Mae (Steele), Mary Louise (Buher), Martha (Chambers), Robert, Peter . Clara Sentney Lehman, next to Everett, died in childbirth.


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From Texas - was a big Texan. She remembers at one of the family reunions in Owensburg and seeing a man with a big Texas hat on.

Dennis Lehman's file shows Otho as being married to May UNKNOWN with same date as marriage I show to Josie Connover --September 14, 1902


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Lived in Paris, Illinois.

Huge home with a big porch 3/4 away around the house. He owned the Lehman & Sons store in Paris, Illinois. He and sons did real well in a mens clothing store.

Grandma Grace asked him why don't you move to Chicago you could make so much money. He said he would rather be a big fish in a small pond than a little fish in a big pond."


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Shirley never married. She was the baby of the family and lived with her sister Grace in Chicago until her death.


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Pursue the fact that Martin Lehman born in Weisbaden, Germany 1-1-1744, Frederica, wife born 3-4-1751. His son, Henry, born 12-19-1775, in Lancaster County, Pa. could possible be his father? Four other sons born between 1778-1790 could possible be potential fathers as well.

Virginia Dezell stated that the Lehman's were Quaker's/Swiss Menonites when they immigrated from Switzerland and left Germany for religious freedom. (Cannot read notes well-sure I missed something in the translation).

7/01 Virginia Cardwell Dezell stated that her Grandpa Lehman (Peter) used to laugh and say my mom and dad were married in Paradise. There is a Paradise, PA in Lancaster County, PA. And also of interest is that there is a town right above Paradise named "Leman".

9/01 From Dennis Maxwell Gedcom file. He shows Henry's name spelling as "Henery". possibly just typo,

THE BLOOMFIELD NEWS, Bloomfield, Greene County, Indiana, Friday, January 2, 1885, Volume IX, Number 4, Page 1, Column 3, “DEATHS.” [Transcribed 13 Dec 2000 from the original newspaper on file in the Office of the Recorder of Greene County, Court House, Bloomfield, IN] On Sunday morning, December 27 {28th is Sunday}, of paralysis, Henry LEHMAN, aged 76 years. Henry LEHMAN was born in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania; removed to Ohio and remained there six years, and in 1853 came to Greene County and settled near where he died. He lived a long life of usefulness and raised a family of children who are now men and women, bearing their portions of the burdens of the country. He was in town on Christmas as sprightly as usual, but three days later he received the message from God that his mission on earth was finished, and Tuesday his body was placed in the cemetery, accompanied by relatives and friends, to sleep in peace the long sleep of death.


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Old family writings say born near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, obituary in paper states Dauphne County, Pennsylvania.


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Not sure of last name....back of her death certificate sates Birthplace: Pennsylvania; Father-Not given; Mother-Elizabeth Cluyfelter

Simon Lehman's death certificate states mothers name as Elizabeth Devender, birthplace not given. Robert Jackon's file shows photograph labeled Elizabeth Devine Lehman.

Birthplace listed as Pennsylvania per 1850 Wayne County, OH census (Microfile #M432-740- page 753)

Auntie (Shirley Lehman) said that she didn't like her because she was mean and she grumpy. Mom (Virginia Dezell) said that she didn't know if she was mean or not, but Grandma Shirley did not like her. Of course, Shirley was the baby of the family and Grandma Lehman may not have babied her as she was used to.