59th Indiana Infantry Regimental History

Peter Lehman - Indiana 59th Infantry

Dec 1, 1862 Private, Peter C. Lehman, Company E, Indiana 59th enrolled for three years (according to discharge papers); However, he was discharged on Dec 31, 1863 (after two years)and immediately re-enlisted (next day).

Feb 11, 1862

Indiana 59th regiment was mustered into service - Jesse I. Alexander, Colonel

Feb 13, 1862

Ordered to New Albany

Feb 18, 1862

Left on transports to Cairo

Feb 20, 1862

Arrived Cairo

Feb 21, 1862

Left for Commerce, Missouri

Feb 22,,1862

Arrived in Commerce, Missouri

Feb 25, 1862

Moved to Benton and was brigaded with 34th, 43rd, 46th and 47th Indiana regiments, Colonel Slack commanding - afterwards was transferred to Colonel Worthington's brigade.

Mar 1, 1862

Marched toward New Madrid

Mar 3, 1862

Arrived in New Madrid, participated in the siege of the place. Was one of the first regiments that entered town and took possession of Fort Thompson.

Apr 7, 1862

Crossed the Mississippi, marched down to Tiptonville and assisted in the capture of over 5000 prisoners.

Apr 10, 1862

Returned to New Madrid

Apr 12, 1862

Left on transports to and proceeded with the fleet to Fort Pillow.

Apr 17, 1862

Returned to New Madrid from Fort Pillow and then toward Hamburg, Tennessee.

Apr 22, 1862

Arrived in Hamburg, Tennessee and went into camp. At this place, General N.B. Buford was assigned to the command of the Brigade to which the 59th Indiana was attached.

May 1862

48th Indiana was placed in same brigade and from this time until the final muster-out of both organizations, the two regiments remained together.

Apr 24-May 29, 1862

Regiment was engaged in skirmishes and reconnaissance's, including the march to and siege of Corinth, and after the evacuation marched with the pursuing column that followed the enemy to Boonville

June 12, 1862

Returned to Corinth.

June 13, 1862

Moved its camp to Clear Creek where it remained until... 

Aug 6, 1862

While at Clear Creek, they marched to Ripley and back, being absent 12 days.  Moved from Clear Creek to Jacinto where it remained until ....

Sept 7, 1862

At this time they proceeded to Rienzi where it received 250 recruits from Indiana.

Oct 1, 1862

Went to Corinth 

Oct 3-4, 1862

Was engaged in Battle of Corinth.  After defeating the enemy, it joined in the pursuit of Price to the Hatchie and then returned to Corinth.

Oct 10, 1862

Arrived at Corinth.

Nov 2, 1862

Marched with General Quimby's division to Grand Junction and then to Davis Mills and then to Moscow. 

Nov 29, 1862

They broke camp and proceeded by way of Cold Water, Holly Springs and Oxford to the Yocana river where they remained a few days and then      returned to Oxford.

Dec 26, 1862

Marched to Memphis, TN with the escort of the Commissary train.

Dec 28, 1862

Arrived in Memphis, TN

Dec 31, 1862

Started back with the train, going through Collierville to Lafayette.

Jan 1, 1863

Arrived in Lafayette.

Jan 3, 1863

Returned to Memphis, TN and went into camp about three miles east of the city, where it remained until March 1,1863 doing guard duty.

Mar 1, 1863

Proceeded down the Mississippi on transports to Helena, AK, stopping a few days at Woolfolk's Landing.

Mar 12, 1863 

Embarked with the Yazoo River expedition.

Mar 25, 1863

Arriving at the encampment near Fort Pemberton.

Apr 6, 1863

Re-embarking, the regiment returned to Helena, AR

Apr 10, 1863

Arrived in Helena, AR

Apr 13, 1863

Proceeded to Milliken's Bend.

Apr 15, 1863

Arrived in Milliken's Bend.

Apr 24, 1863

The regiment commended (with other troops) the march for Vicksburg, MS, going down the west side of the Mississippi to Grand Gulf.

May 1, 1863

Arrived at Grand Gulf, and at once crossing over to the east side, near Bayou Pierre, from where it marched to the battle ground of Port Gibson,  reaching there just as the battle closed.  Marching with Grant's army, in the First Brigade of the Seventh Division of the Seventeenth Army Corps, the regiment was engaged at Forty Hills, Raymond and Champion Hills.

At Jackson, under Captain John E. Simpson, they were the first to enter the city and had the ratification of seeing their tattered flag waving from the dome of the Capitol.   At the Big Black River it formed the rear guard for the Seventeenth Corps and was the last regiment to cross, destroying the bridges behind it.  The regiment then moved up and took its position in the line of battle, in front of the rebel fortification at Vicksburg, MS. 

May 22, 1863

Participated in the assault on the enemy's works at Vicksburg and suffered heavy losses.   In this assault, Lieut. Tripp was killed, and Capt. Buck, Lieuts. Riley and Maxwell wounded.  Of the enlisted men, 126 were killed and wounded.  During the Siege of  Vicksburg, the 59th formed part of General Blair's command and with it went up the Yazoo River to Satarlia, returning to its  old position in the trenches.  Remained in the trenches until the surrender.

June 4, 1863

Surrender of  Vicksburg, MS

May-June 1863

Peter C. Lehman's Company Muster Roll for' the Indiana 59th regiment said he was present, but had a "stoppage" of $2.88 for cartridge box belt     and bayonet that was lost.

July 4, 1863

Marched into Vicksburg and on the same day, General McPherson issued a congratulatory order in which he complimented in the highest terms of praise, the soldiers of the 17th Corps.

Aug 5, 1863

General Sandborn, which had long commanded the  brigade and division to which the 59th Indiana  was attached, issued his farewell order to the   soldiers of the First Brigade, announcing his intention to leave the military service, and recounting their deeds on the battlefield from Corinth to Vicksburg and complimenting them for the glorious record they had made.

Sept 13, 1863

The regiment remained in Vicksburg, until this date, when it embarked on transports and proceeded up the river to Helena, AR where it  remained until...

Sept 28, 1863

Embarked for Memphis, TN.

Oct 5, 1863

Regiment remained in Memphis until this date and then proceeded by rail to Corinth, and then to Glendale.

Oct 17, 1863

Remained in Glendale and on this date the remainder of the division arrived from Memphis.

Oct. 19, 1863 

Began the march to Chattanooga, TN, and arrived in time to take part in the victory of Mission Ridge.

Dec 17, 1863

Began its return march

Dec 18, 1863

Reached Bridgeport, AL and went into camp.  While here, the regiment was transferred to the Fifteenth Army Corps and assigned to the Third Division.

Dec 23, 1863

Started for Huntsville, AL.

Dec 26, 1863

Reached Huntsville, AL and went into camp.

Jan 1, 1864

The regiment (including G-G-Grandpa Lehman) re-enlisted as a Veterans organization.

Feb 3, 1864

For this, the Indiana 59th was complimented by Brig. General John E. Smith in orders on this date.

Mar 3, 1864

Left for home in company with the Forty-Eighth.

Mar 8, 1864

Reached Indianapolis, IN 

Mar 10, 1864

Both the 59th and 48th Indiana regiments partook of an excellent dinner prepared by the ladies of the city, and in the afternoon attended a public reception in the State House Grounds, where they were warmly greeted by Governor Morton and  others.

Apr 3, 1864

Returned to the field by way of New Albany, Louisville and Nashville, TN, the 59th arrived in Huntsville, AL this date where they went into camp.

Jun 22, 1864

Regiment remained in camp until this date and then started for Kingston, GA.

Jul 1, 1864

Reached Kingston, GA where it joined Sherman's  army, then on its march to Atlanta.

Jul 13, 1864 

Regiment moved to the Etowah River, and guarded the bridge over that stream until...

Aug 26, 1864

...when it was ordered to report to General  Steadman at Chattanooga, TN.

Aug 27, 1864

Arrived in Chattanooga, TN and then marched into East Tennessee after Wheeler's Calvary,  returning to Chattanooga after an absence of four days.

Aug 31, 1864

Returned to Chattanooga, TN.  Regiment then moved to Tullahoma and reported to  General  Milroy and remained on duty there until...

Sept 21, 1864

..when it returned to Chattanooga. They marched with a wagon train as far as Cartersville, GA.

Sept 28, 1864

Arrived in Chattanooga and took up its old position on the Etowah River.

Nov 12, 1864

Moved towards Atlanta.

Nov 15, 1864

Began its grand "march to the sea", following the fortunes of General Sherman through George to Savannah.

Dec 25, 1864

General Smith, issued a highly complimentary order, in which he stated that General Sherman had complimented the Division for its soldierly bearing and made special mention of the 59th for its good marching.   From Savannah, the regiment marched through the  Carolinas to Raleigh, and from there to Washington City, where it participated in the grand review.  

Jul 17, 1865

From Washington it was transferred to Louisville, KY where it was mustered out of service this date.  

Jul 18, 1865

Arriving at Indianapolis, IN they were present at a public reception in the Capitol grounds this date.  The regiment was addressed by  Governor Morton and others.  A few days after this, they were finally discharged from service.

The regiment during its term of service, received in recruits, drafted men, & calvary, 777, and lost in killed and mortally wounded (1 officer and 36 enlisted men), and by disease 229 enlisted men, for a total of 266.  It had traveled by rail 3,756 miles, by water 4,618 miles, and by land 5,305 miles, making in all, 13,679 miles.