Lane Family Crest

Major Samuel Lane

When I first saw that Major Samuel Lane was raised as a young boy in Providence, West Indies (Bahamas) that surprised me because of his English origin, however, further research shows this to be correct! His father Richard had Puritan views, was very outspoken and public in his ideas and was considered a non-comformist. In October 1631 Richard was put under examination for his views (Recorded in book by Gertrude Huehns titled "Examination of Richard Lane, taylor"). Because of this around 1632, Richard moved his family to Providence, West Indies where they lived until his death.

Samuel was documented to be "back" in England by 1657 and by 1664 was in the Maryland colony. From 1664-1682 he was County Commissioner of Anne Arundel county, was a Major in the Army of the Colony of Maryland, and listed as a doctor (chigurgeon) in Maryland.

In 1856, Artist, Calvin Lemuel Hoole, was commissioned by Dr. Alfred Lane Patton to paint the history of the Lane, Thomas, Hampton and Patton families. Hoole painted at least a dozen works over the next five years. Samuel Lane was the founder of Dr. Patton's lineage in America. Below is a portrait of Major Samuel Lane titled "Major Samuel Lane at South River, Maryland, 1680" .

Major Samuel Lane at South River


Maryland Genealogies, Volume II by Thomas Hollowak

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