Rev. William Anderson Arrasmith - Certificate of Ordination

Ordination Papers

This document is not the original Ordination papers but rather a handwritten account that Grandpa Arrasmith wrote when in his 80's to document this occasion. I contacted a Pastor Tim Mohon who helps on the Rootsweb Baptist Roots bulletin board and he stated that the Pilgrim Baptist Church was constituted on January 1, 1868 and the name of the church was changed to Franklin Street Baptist Church on July 11, 1888. H.C. Roberts who is listed in this document was part of the Pilgrim Baptist Church church in 1880-1884 (when Grandpa Arrasmith states he was ordained), and again in 1891-1896 after the name had been changed.

J. M. Weaver who is listed first was a long-time pastor of the Chestnut Street Baptist Church In Louisville, Kentucky (later renamed the Weaver Memorial Baptist Church which no longer exists).

The date Grandpa Arrasmith states for his ordination falls in line when H. C. Roberts was pastor of the Pilgrim Baptist Church. This also falls in line with him being the second pastor of the Bullitt Lick Baptist Church in Sheperdsville, Kentucky. Dr. Benjamin Franklin Watson Goss was a physician born in Shepherdsivlle, Ky. He became a Baptist minister and was the first pastor of the Bullit Lick Baptist Church which was founded in 1885 and was the pastor from 1885-1887. I show William Anderson Arrasmith as pastor from 1887 to 1889.

Several sources for some of the information above comes from:

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