Rev. William Anderson Arrasmith - Last Will & Testament

Last Will and Testament

January 9, 1915

"My last words concerning my dear wife"

We were married the first day of January 1861 on her birthday. We lived together 53 years, 4 months, and 23 days. She was one of the best wives and mothers the Lord ever gave to any man. She loved her children and her husband and preferred to stay at home and take care of them until her children were all men and women. She taught them daily to trust and obey the Lord and never failed to pray for them for she knew the Lord heard and answered her prayers and the Great Rebellion broke out the same year we was married. She prayed the Lord to save me from the war that I might stay with her and though I was enrolled for the draft three times and was drafted for it, I drew clear three times and the Lord kept us together as she prayed. She was a conscientious Christian. She always had good neighbors because she was a good neighbor herself to all who was decent and truthful. Unworthy tattlers and gossiping women she had no time for but prayed for them for she pitied them as lost souls. During the 53 years we lived together she never told me an untruth. And I know that when the few days that I may live here is over, we will have a sweet reunion in that home the Lord said he was going to prepare for them that love him. Glory to God may the time soon come when we will meet again. When my dear children get despondent and sin may the Lord impress them to read this last testament of their Loving Father who is left for a few days to pray for them. Also that they would love each other and obey the Lord and pray for each other that we may meet them on the shore of sweet deliverance where we will know each other better and never to part again.

William A. Arrasmith


My last request is when I come to in Chicago is to send me to the hospital where I was in February 1905.  It will cost me and the treatment is first class not that I have any fault to find of any other, but that is my choice and I don't want any gossip over my sic or dead body.  There's insurance for 112 dollars and if I have no more laid up by that time, least make clear with the mortuary and casket company and make the 112 dollars foot up all the cost.